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Video games are the spice of life, and the spice must flow!

My name is Francisco "Andre "Morales and I am a professional game designer, artists, and programmer. I have designed games for over five years and have an extreme passion for game development from design to marketing. I have loved video games since I got my first Atari when I was just a little tyke with dreams of dinosaurs with nuclear weapons on their backs. With video games, I realized that not only can I dream of nuclear weaponized dinosaurs, I can actually experience them in full digital interactive glory in the video game world. Since those days I have studied game development in school, read published books, and pretty much married my various game controllers through the years. Some marriages ended in bitter divorces, but they all had great honeymoons. I have also studied computer animation and cinematography and have marvels at the amazing experiences created by the film and gaming industries.

I have designed levels, written marketing analysis documents, tested products in development, as well as reviewed and provided feedback on ways to streamline development processes.  I have written well over 100 different documents pertaining to game development over my career which includes short pitch documents to several hundred page design documents. I excel at working in intense dynamic environments under tight milestone schedules.  I have worn just about every hat when it comes to game development over the years. In my previous employment, I constantly had to shift gears between different game projects from a variety of different genres, floated among different teams, and changed responsibilities to meet company needs.  So I was pretty much always in some form of crunch time while employed there. 

I have also volunteered on game projects and provided assistance as well as my passion to every project I have been involved with.  Throughout my career I have focused on quality and always exceeding expectations.  I believe that game development is just like a symphony; everyone must be at the top of their game and work seamlessly to produce a work of art that moves the audience.  If just one person is just slightly off, the whole performance can be ruined. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at my email address listed on the contact page.

Nuclear Weaponized Dinosaur

Nuclear Weaponized Dinosaur

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