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3D Model Images:

Cop Concept Cop Point Pose Cop Buddy Christ Pose Cop John Woo Pose Cop Peace Pose Cartoon Cop Face Morph Targets

These are images of a cartoon cop I modeled, UV mapped, textured, and rigged. It took me two weeks to go from concept to final renderings. The concept image was created in Adobe Illustrator first. The model was then created in Maya, and Photoshop was used to create the textures. The arms and legs use Inverse Kinemmatics as well as Forward Kinematics. The face has a variety of morph targets that I blend between to create the different facial expressions for the renderings. For the hands I used set driven keys attacked to locators to form many different shapes such as the peace sign, clenched fist, thumbs up, pointing, and gun grip positions. The helmet also uses set driven keys for antenna rotations as well as the visor rotation. The entire model with helmet, guns, and all accessories was 18k triangles.


Cop Body Texture Map Cop Head Texture Map Cop Gun Texture Map

Here is a small selection of textures I created for the cartoon cop character. I also created specular and bump maps as well which are not represented here. All of them were created in Photoshop. All textures were created from scratch using no texture overlays.

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Moon Base and Buildings:

Storage Room Image Hallway Image Command Center Image Ore Processing Image1 Ore Processing Image2 Ore Processing Building Hangar Image1 Hangar Image2 Communications Building Image1 Communications Building Image2

These are images of the Moon base I created from the Moon Base One game. The base and buildings were created using 3D World Builder, a CSG brush based program, and later exported into the Torque Game Engine using an exporter. Textures were also created by myself for all surfaces and objects. There is a You Tube video created by the people who made the game showing a character running through the base.


Drill Image Drill Bits Image Ore Capsule Image Water Tank Image Computer Image

These props were created and UV mapped in Maya then textured in Photoshop. They are extremely low poly and low resolution textures to work in a now older version of the Torque Game Engine.


Drill Texture Drill bit Texture Ore Canister Texture Water Tank Texture Space Suit Texture Metal Floor Texture Metal Floor2 Texture Metal Wall Texture

Here is a small selection of textures I created for the Moon Base One game. All of them were created in Photoshop. All textured for the base and props were created from scratch except for the suit texture which was modified from an existing texture that was supplied with the model the company was using.

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A Fish, a Robot, a sword and an Elf

Fish Animation Image1 Fish Animation Image2 Fish Animation Image3 Robot Animation Image1 Robot Animation Image2 Robot Animation Image3 Elf Sword Elf Sword

The fish and Robot scenes were created and rendered out in Maya and can be watched in the video section of the site. The elven sword was also created in Maya using a combination of nurbs and polygon modeling techniques. The elven head was created using polygons.

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