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Skills Header
Development Languages: Operating Systems: Business Application Knowledge:
Microsoft Visual C/C++ Microsoft Windows XP/Vista Microsoft Word
ActionScript 2.0/3.0 OSX Microsoft Excel
XHTML   Microsoft PowerPoint
CSS   Microsoft Visio
JavaScript (JQUERY)   Microsoft Project
Adobe Products Modeling Programs Game Development Tools
Photoshop CS4 Maya 2009 Unreal 2004 Level Editor
Flash CS4 3D World Studio Unreal III Level Editor
Dreamweaver CS4 Google SketchUp Torque Game Engine
Fireworks CS4    
Illustrator CS4    
After Effects CS4    
Projects Header
Position: Designer, Programmer, Webmaster
  • Designed website in Photoshop CS4
  • Created all graphics in Photoshop CS4
  • Integrated Flash components and programmed animations in Actionscript 3.0
  • Utilized Adobe media encoder and Flash to integrate video materials
  • Create all CSS for website layout
  • Built site using XHTML and Javascript
The Tale of Despereaux(PC, XBOX 360, Wii, PS2) Published
Position: Level Designer, Scripter, Tester
  • Scripted Camera work for various levels
  • Scripted in-game cut scenes and dialogue
  • Placed props and characters within levels to provide atmosphere
  • Reviewed and recommended level design changes to better address the target market
  • Tested various game play and level designs
  • Worked with QA manager for focus testing target market
My Chinese Coach(Nintendo DS) Published
Position: Translator
  • Translated English to Chinese for the game’s database
  • Error checked previous entries in the database for errors and omissions
Moon Base One(PC) Published
Position: Game Designer and Modeler
  • Wrote first copy of the design document
  • Built 3D game models using Maya 7.0
  • Created hand drawn concept art which was rendered in Photoshop
  • Built 3D game structures using a CSG brush program: 3D World Studio
  • Created all textures using Photoshop CS
  • Participated in a dynamic team environment with members around the country
Vacation Isle(Wii) Cancelled *Document Available in Game Design Section*
Position: Level Designer, Scripter
  • Designed a interactive themed level for the game
  • Focused design on addressing critical publisher feedback on prior designs
  • Scripted user interactions and camera system for the level
  • Worked closely with concept art team to establish visual feel for the level
  • Wrote game level fiction incorporating real world locations and mythologies
Iron Star(Xbox 360) Cancelled *Documents Available in Game Design Section*
Position: Lead Multiplayer Game Designer, Level Designer, Ficton Writer
  • Designed multiplayer game play scenarios for a first-person shooter
  • Wrote multiple story backgrounds for the multiplayer missions
  • Wrote the game demo story, designed demo level, and demo boss encounter
  • Designed additional weapons for multiplayer gameplay
Paranormal(Xbox 360) Cancelled *Document Available in Game Design Section*
Position: Lead Game Designer
  • Created a more directed and original design from a one page pitch document
  • Designed core game mechanics for a survival-horror game
  • Wrote character descriptions, game mythology, and marketing plan
Food Fight - The Aisle Wars(Nintendo Wii) Cancelled *Document Available in Game Design Section*
Position: Game Designer
  • Designed over 30 mini-games
  • Created character concept images and storyboards
  • Worked with animation team to create proof of concept for cinematics
Education Header
Full Sail Real World Education Winter Park, FL
Associate of Science, Game Design and Development April 2005
International Academy of Design and Technology Tampa, FL
Associate of Science, Computer Animation September 2003
University of South Florida Tampa, FL
Pursued multiple areas including engineering, psychology, and writing  
Work Header
Sensory Sweep Studios
From: 2007-2009
Position: Game Designer
  • Wrote game design documents and pitches
  • Designed game levels for various different game genres
  • Provided marketing analysis and development plans for games
  • Worked seamlessly with the programming and art department to achieve design goals.
  • Scripted gameplay elements in a variety of games
Federation of Galaxy Explorers
From: 2006-2007
Position: Lead Game Developer/ Graphics Designer
  • Volunteered on a educational gaming project
  • Wrote the first design document for the game
  • Collaborated on the core design and conversion of design
  • Responsible for art direction and all 3D modeling and texturing
Independent Study
From: 2005-2007
Position: Education
  • Further developed game design skills
  • Vigorously studied on-line game design and interactivity theory
  • Created various Flash based games
  • Learned a variety of new tools and programs
From: 2003-2005
Position: Lead Game Developer
  • Worked Giga Inc. a start-up game company
  • Collaborated on building a business plan
  • Created marketing documents and competitor analysis
  • Collaborated on the core design and conversion of design
  • Participated in creating design documents and developed the internal I.P
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