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Concept for the Different Races

Evereska Concept Inferi Concept Kroakar Concept Nordoni Concept Clan of the Scale Concept Clan of the Talon Concept Shardyn Concept Brutor Concept Fungar Concept

These are concept images for a online game that I have been designing on my free time called Project Unlife. The game is based on a post apocalyptic fantasy world that has been destroyed again and again, with the game taking place after the most recent cataclysm. I created a custom mythology for the game as well as have spent a great deal of time designing the core game mechanics to capitalize on the current market trends and player expectations. A copy of the abbreviated design doc is located in the design section of this website. These images were hand drawn then colored in Photoshop.

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Brock Lee thumbnail Crazy Carrot thumbnail Ghengis Can Thumbnail John Dough thumbnail Odorous Onion thumbnail

These images were sketched quickly by hand and then scanned in and colored in Photoshop. They were created by myself to give the concept team at my previous employer a clear base from which to expand upon. Aisle Wars was a game where food items come to life and a stock boy has to defeat them to bring order to the store. The game was put on the hold due to the need to work on other contracts.


Storyboard Panel1 Storyboard Panel2 Storyboard Panel3 Storyboard Panel4 Storyboard Panel5 Storyboard Panel6 Storyboard Panel7 Storyboard Panel8

These storyboard were created by myself in Photoshop. Once they were completed, they were handed over to the cinematic team to create animatics for proof of concept purposes. They were created quickly in a few hours in order to get them to the art team.

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Moon Base Layout and Drills:

Moon Base One Layout 1 Moon Base One Layout 2 Moon Base One Layout 2 Moon Base One Layout 2

These images were created prior to modeling out the Moon base in Moon Base One educational game created by the people at Federation of Galaxy Explorers. The game is used in their summer camps. I modeled out the moon base itself and the drill for the character as well as generated the textures for the associated models. The design had to be tweaked from the images due to the limitations of the engine and tools. These images were hand drawn then colored in Photoshop.

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Illustrator Images

Pan United Illustrator Image Elf Crouch Illustrator Image Elf Stand Illustrator Image Female Knight Illustrator Image Group of Web Characters1 Group of Web Characters2 Group of Web Characters3 Group of Web Characters4

These images were created entirely in Adobe Illustrator. The first image was created for a friend for their team logo for fantasy soccer. The second two images were later put into a Flash animation and the fourth image was created for a school project. The last set of 4 images were all created just for fun while making the web site along with the gems on the borders of each page.

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